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P3246 – Heavy Duty Spot Insert

Part No. Finish
P3246-1 ST
P3246-125 ST
P3246-150 ST
P3246-75 ST
P3246-87 ST

Size Range: 3/4″ through 1 1/2″

Approvals: Complies with Federal Specification A-A-1192A (Type 18), WW-H-171-E (Type 18), ANSI/MSS SP-69 and MSS SP-58 (Type 18).


  1. Nail insert to wooden forms.
  2. Locate fiberglass bars to rest upon existing reinforcing rods or wire the insert directly into existing reinforced rods to achieve the specified load ratings.


  • Stainless steel body prevents corrosion.
  • Cone shaped body.
  • Exceptional pullout strength.
  • Eliminates uncertainty of tying conventional inserts into bridge deck rebars.

Materials & Finishes:  316 Stainless Steel body, fiberglass threaded rods

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