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P8000 & P8001 – Junior Ductile Iron Beam Clamp

Part No. Rod Size Finish Product Weight / Piece (lbs)
P8000 3/8″ PG 0.33
P8000 3/8″ PL 0.33
P8001 1/2″ PG 0.34
P8001 1/2″ PL 0.34


Available with Plain (PL) and Electro-Galvanized (EG) finishes.
To be used as a structural attachment to top or bottom of metal beams, purlins, channel or angle iron.
Set screw made of hardened steel.
Complies with Federal Specification A-A192A (Type 19) and MSS SP-69 (Type 19).



Beam Loading – P1001
Part Number Rod Size Max Load Top*
Max Load Bottom*
P8000 3/8″ 500 250
P8001 1/2″ 950 760


*Max load may exceed allowable load for threaded rod size shown.

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