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Quality Assurance & Traceability

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Quality Program

Unistrut is committed to being the “best” in the metal framing industry. To meet this goal, Unistrut has adopted the philosophy of “Zero Defects and Continuous Improvement.” This means ongoing reviews of our manufacturing processes, operating procedures and quality systems to find ways of improving efficiency, productivity and quality. It means establishing process controls and problem-prevention techniques to ensure that superior quality is built into every Unistrut product.

Our drive to be the best includes not just quality products, but on-time delivery and prompt resolution of customer needs and concerns . At Unistrut, quality is our number one goal.

Product Load Testing

Product testing is an important part of Unistrut’s Quality Assurance Program. We utilize our own testing facilities, as well as those of independent testing laboratories, to determine design loads with proper and adequate safety factors. These design loads are indicated, where applicable, throughout the catalog . Loads are based on AISI Specification For The Design Of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members, 2007 Edition.

Destructive and non-destructive testing procedures are used to test for variables such as corrosion, conductivity, electrostatic dissipation, ultra-violet resistance, wind resistance, dimensional accuracy, material integrity and slip resistance.

In short, if there’s a specification to meet, Unistrut will develop a test to quantify and verify it. Using design properties of the Unistrut framing members, load data given in this catalog, and/or design procedures of the American Iron & Steel Institute Specification For The Design Of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members, 2007 Edition, it is possible to design any type of structure within the capabilities of the system.

Assemblies or connections that cannot be calculated using provisions of the AISI specifications must be established by application specific tests.


Unistrut channel is stamped with a numeric code that allows traceability to the origin of the steel.

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