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SPF100 – Seismic Pivot Fitting

The SPF 100 is a 45° fixed angle retrofit fitting for use primarily with seismic braces. This fitting can be used to attach a strut brace to a trapeze or other strut connection.

As a retrofit fitting, this product can be used to attach a seismic brace to an existing support without the need to disassemble that support.

The LS 100 platform is not included in this assembly and is sold separately.

This fitting is pre-approved for the below seismic loads on page 5c.2 of Unistrut’s OPM-0295-13.


Part No. Rod Size Hole Diameter Finish
SPF 100-037 3/8″ (10) 7/16″ (11) EG
SPF 100-050 1/2″ (13) 9/16″ (14) EG
SPF 100-062 5/8″ (16) 11/16″ (18) EG
SPF 100-075 3/4″ (19) 13/16″ (21) EG

Materials & Finishes:

  • Electrogalvanized (EG):  Conforms to ASTM B633, Type III SC1 or SC3


Seismic Design Loads are based on FM1950-10 dynamic testing with 12 ga. channel and a safety factor of 1.5.
1/2″ Unistrut Channel Nut and Cap Screw torqued to 50 ft-lbs required for installation.
Reference page 5c.2 of Unistrut OPM-0295-13.
These capacities do not apply to the SPF100-037.

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